welcome in BIOMETHICS

BIOMETHICS borns through years spent in R&D for public entities, dealing with antiterrorism, ethical issues and personal data protection. Many european projects involved BIOMETHICS, and many consultancy activities involved its people. The main business activity of BIOMETHICS is to help enterprises and public entities in respect data protection rules, whatever is the field of application.

A honest and aware personal data protection saves time and costs, grows up reputation and business, avoid matters with public authorities. The understanding of the correct personal data protection takes to complete awareness of business processes inside enterprises and public entities too.

BIOMETHICS grant that Your personal data protection matters will be solved through an agreed way with the Customer, considering its specific nature, business, budget and each singular aspect about its identity must be taken in great consideration.

biomethics milestones

Training, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Personal Data Management Register, involvement of third parties in the Customer’s business
and every activity dealing with GDPR are the milestones of BIOMETHICS business.

why choose us

The whole world population’s future is passing through the awareness of personal data management: BIOMETHICS will help You to face future in Your own business, will help You to make it grow up and will help You to be able to seize business opportunities dealing with the correct personal data management.

If You are going to use biometrics tools, if You want to buy CCTV or security solution in general, or if You need to understand what fits with Your Customer’s needs, BIOMETHICS can help You in choosing the best way to face it. If You need a Data Protection Officer, or You want to involve System Administrators, BIOMETHICS can help You to achieve Your goals.

BIOMETHICS gives You its methodology in personal data management, helping You in each business decision and process.

BIOMETHICS offers certainty to You and awareness in personal data management.

Choose BIOMETHICS methodology, Your reputation will grow.

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