as is snapshot

The consultancy doesn’t start from laws, from EDPB opinions or other soft laws or binding rules fixed by Data Protection Authorities or others fonts: it starts from facts linked to the Customer, to his own customs, tools, employees’ behaviour and (last but not least) from his budget.

Before starting activity dealing with GDPR compliance or training, or what else is the consultancy’s aim, it is important to do a sort of AS IS snapshot.

by design concept

The methodology is very simple: BIOMETHICS agrees with the Customer each step, goal and strategy
and uses Gantt diagrams to organize activities for the Customer.
Man/hour is the measure unit BIOMETHICS uses to do everything. So, every action, tool, procedure, practice, training plan, product implementation must be planned and measured before existing.
The concept of “by design” for BIOMETHICS doesn’t deal only with “privacy”, but with every activity.
Everything takes its own power points or weakness “by design”.

how we do it

The risk based approach is what GDPR hopes in each activity dealing with data protection: BIOMETHICS knows this very well.

Customer’s processes must be analyzed, each phase must be verified, then, considering time and budget, BIOMETHICS suggest the best way to correct customer’s habits if they could be improved. If they are already virtuous, BIOMETHICS will suggest to formalize them through introducing them in an official management system.

biomethics will fix with the customer

Activity milestones dealing with data protection consultancy

Start date and end date for every single task within the project

Project milestones and auditing after each achieved goal

Dependencies and relations between single tasks or groups

People and workgroups assigned to projects and tasks

Inside or outside skills needed to implement each step

customers' awareness

BIOMETHICS wants to help Customers to be aware about their own potential
in order to implement the brand and the reputation
through the best personal data management and data protection in the interest of physical persons.