ethics in technology

Technology doesn’t police itself.
New technologies require the user to pay attention, voice his concerns constructively and demand accountability when people are harmed.

BIOMETHICS helps Clients to choose technologies and plan the methodologies throught they should be used.
The goal is always to raise some of the ethical and policy issues that surround these technologies, not to scare anyone, but to drive Customers to reach a stronger awareness and how potentially they may receive or make harm by techologies.

be conscious

GDPR fixes some milestones in using technologies and ethics is one of them. People must always be aware about what the Client is going to do with their personal data. Viceversa with BIOMETHICS methodology, Clients can be aware about how his personal data are managed.

Ethics in using personal data means that Your intention is not only to respect law, but also to help Customers or people in general to be conscious of what we want to do with their personal data, easily and if necessary using an iconographic way to communicate with them.


our challenge

Over the years, the list of techologies and their use has touched on everything, from healthcare innovations to algorithms and advanced military weaponry.
And while there’s been the occasional entry on head transplants and cyborg roaches, most of these issues will touch us all in some way.

Our most challenging task will be to try to de-politicize as many of these discussions as possible so that we can truly talk things out.
Of course, when it comes to implementing policy (or even suggesting that policy is the right way to approach an issue), politics creep right back in.

Clearly, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us before we can make headway, but that only means we better get on it as soon as possible.