about biometrics

Biometrics is one of the most interesting and advanced activities linked to personal data protection.

Biometrics is the field of technology dealing with the human body measurement to identify and distinguish a person by others.
It is one of the most interesting and advanced activities linked to personal data protection.
Each human being can become its own password using fingerprint, facial recognition, eye recognition, vein recognition, etc.
Human beings considered as citizens and customers must be aware of the power of this level of personal data use:
if someone is sure about what You’re going to do, maybe will offer exactly what You need, but also viceversa.
Someone could be able to anticipate the needs of enormous number of human beings,
then use their intentions to create services and products and profiling all of them to control too.

biometrics and ethics

BIOMETHICS is a fusion between Biometrics and Ethics:
our enterprise helps Your business to grow correctly, using biometrics in an honest and transparent way,
in order to make Your business grow avoiding obstacles along the way.

what we do

We always must be sure that holders are aware about their rights and how their data are used and stored...
biomethics can help you

Using biometrics may involve important human rights, so BIOMETHICS may help You in considering right processes, right tools, verifying compliance to GDPR and may organize training about how to use correctly such personal data very strictly linked to personal identity.

BIOMETHICS helps Your enterprise, Your ONG or the public entity in which You work to reach the goal of using those particular personal respecting GDPR and laws in general.

measuring human activities

Another field of BIOMETHICS consultancy is the Behavioral Biometrics: the field of study related to detection and management of uniquely identifying and measurable patterns in human activities.

The behavioral biometrics is very different by physical biometrics, which involves innate human characteristics such as fingerprints or iris patterns. The way of signing documents or the way of walking may be considered the key to access to some info or rooms, in order to use body movement as human being recognition.

consultancy on behavioral biometrics
The way You walk, the way You move may become the way to be recognized: BIOMETHICS helps You to make good possible choices...